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Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel Release Date Finally Revealed

The next Yu-Gi-Oh video game is here with the highly anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel. After months of waiting, we finally have a release date for this intriguing new trading card game.

When is Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel coming out?

Revealed in a press release from Konami, hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh fans won’t have to wait long to play the new video game. With the recent Master Duel still going strong, this new release aims to add something new to the field.

Cross Duel will be released on Android and iOS on September 6 and will give you wild four-player duels. Never before seen in a Yu-Gi-Oh game, this four-way game mode offers a unique take on the TCG genre.

You can play not only in four player versus matches, but also in co-op games. There’s also single-player content to play through if the idea of ​​online is causing you to get your deck wet.

In fact, fans of the anime will be able to compete alongside their favorite characters. Faces from all seven series of Yu-Gi-Oh will pop up. Hopefully we can play with that hottie, Seto Kaiba. He’s rich, but he’s sensitive, aw.

If you want to come as soon as possible, pre-register here. Those who do get free gems to draw cards with!

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Is it too different?

Some hardcore fans may become disillusioned with Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel. The four-player multiplayer game takes some liberties with the classic TCG to the point where it can be off-putting.

Still, it’s nice that Konami is willing to experiment with the series. After all, experimentation has given us the fantastic Duel Links speed duel format. We think this is one of the best Android card games out there!

Sure, the introduction of skills can change the game in huge ways, but so can links and pendulums. In any case, these skills will be a splash in the bucket.

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