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Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel Adds Joey, Mai & Brooklyn Accents

Konami brings Yi-Gi-Oh Cross Duel to Brooklyn with its latest content drop. If you’re a fan of one of the most underrated duelists in the entire series, you’ll be thrilled with this new update.

In the update, you can play alongside Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine. Yes, yes, stop sending and play your game already!

Yi-Gi-Oh Cross Duel Adds More Duelists

Designed around an all-new event, Cross Duel introduces newest drop players Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine. The two are tied together as Tag Duel partners, fighting side by side in 2v2 battles.

The new event is called Joey’s Road to a True Duelist. Playing the new scenario will unlock new items around Joey and his deck!

For example, there are new profile avatars, cover sleeves and game mats that are all designed around the duelist. Plus, through the new gacha card draws, you can unlock the awesome classic monster: the Red-Eyes Black Dragon!

Other classic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters are also available to catch, just not as bait monsters. These additional monsters are Baby Dragon, Time Wizard, and Gearfried the Iron Knight. Unfortunately, they behave like their duel monster counterparts, not the anime versions.

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A great update for a great game?

The Joey update for Yi-Gi-Oh Cross Duel doesn’t sound like a huge update. On the other hand, with every monster in Cross Duel being fully modeled and animated, it feels like a lot of work!

With each generation of the series getting some representation, it’s nice to see Konami still shilling for the classics. Who’s in the next update? Tristan and his sister? Frankly, we hope so.

If you don’t want to be a third-rate duelist with a fourth-rate deck, take a good look at the game here!

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