YouTube could be about to lock high-res videos behind a paywall

Recent evidence surfaced on Reddit suggests that soon the only way to watch videos in high-res 2160p resolution will be via a YouTube Premium subscription. That’s an $11.99 a month charge for crisper videos, which seems like a steep price to pay. 

This potential revelation comes from Reddit user ‘Ihatesmokealarms’ (opens in new tab), who claims to have set their service to the U.S version, after they posted screenshots of the resolution options for a video they were watching. The screenshot shows the option for the highest resolution of 2160p and the dreaded text “Premium – tap to upgrade.” 

A screenshot of the YouTube resolutions menu with the 2160p resolution accompanied by the words

(Image credit: Reddit/Ihatesmokealarms)

The news comes hot on the heels of the platform’s unpopular trial of up to ten unskippable ads before videos. Fortunately, that trial ultimately proved unsuccessful.

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