WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 live stream: How to watch online tonight and card

It is time to watch WWE Hell in a Cell live streams online, but we enter with a big question mark hovering over one of tonight’s main events. And, wouldn’t you have it: WWE reported it themselves: Cody Rhodes has a torn pectoral muscle. Shocker of all shockers, he’s still gonna wrestle. So, we’re switching our prediction to Seth.

Tonight’s show, though, looks less like a regular PPV (we’ll never get used to saying “premium live event”) and more like Sunday Night Raw. I mean, except for that match that was added on Friday night’s SmackDown: Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss, Anything Goes. This seventh match makes one more than the six-match Hell in a Cell 2022. Still this show kinda feel like another afterthought PPV. Roman Reigns isn’t defending either of his championships, and neither are The Usos (though they just beat Riddle and Nakamura on SmackDown). 

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