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Wreak havoc in Swindon When Amazing Frog? Launching later this year

Great frog? is an open-world sandbox mischief maker in the style of Goat Simulator. But a little more focused. You play a frog, run around and do ridiculous things in a digital approach to the British city of Swindon.

Het is al een tijdje uit op iOS en pc, maar ontwikkelaar Fayju heeft zojuist onthuld dat de game later dit jaar in de Play Store zal verschijnen. So if you like role-playing as a reckless amphibian, you’re in luck.

The Android release will include everything currently available in the PC version – Amazing Frog? V2. That includes guns, rideable pigs, and all sorts of other madness. Here’s a trailer for the PC game.

You will discover secrets, dress up your amazing frog and interact with a wide variety of items. Interacting to cause chaos, we imagine. Because what’s the point otherwise?

Great frog? is scheduled to hit the Play Store later this year. We’ll of course let you know if and when we hear more. If you want to give the Steam version a try, you can do that by clicking here

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