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World of Warcraft Mobile Canceled After 3 Years of Development

Despite seeing $100,000,000 in sales from Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is closing the one project fans actually wanted. That’s right, after three years of development, World of Warcraft Mobile has been completely demolished.

Why did Blizzard cancel World of Warcraft on mobile?

Indicated by Bloomberg, World of Warcraft mobile has been canceled after three years. A huge partnership between Blizzard and Netease, the project was expected to be a spin-off of the popular MMO to mobile.

While not a direct port of the original, WoW on phones was presumably a free-to-play title rather than a subscription-based platform. The spin-off would be a different story, focusing on a different time in the land of Azerof.

However, according to the report, the two companies were not eye-to-eye with the project. NetEase and Blizzard reportedly disagreed on project terms. This would have led to the closure of the project.

World of Warcraft mobile had a team of about 100 employees working on the game. Right now those developers are in a state of turmoil. While some have been given transfers to other projects, others seem to be let go.

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Will we ever get WoW on Android?

While NetEase’s World of Warcraft mobile was a great release, it’s still not what people wanted. In fact, most fans just wanted the normal WoW experience on phones.

While Blizzard may claim this is an impossibility, it absolutely isn’t. If rival MMOs like RuneScape can find ways to create a perfect mobile gateway, so can the biggest MMORPG in the world. Especially when ports like Warframe Mobile are just around the corner.

Yet it is always sad to see such large projects go to waste. With three years of development behind it, WoW mobile must have been just around the corner. What a pity.

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