Will your iPhone miss out on the iOS 16 update?



  • Apple is set to launch the iOS 16 update later this year.
  • Will your iPhone be on the list of devices that will get the update?
  • iPhone users using the older versions may not get the update facility.

After the grand launch of iOS 15, now iOS 16 is set to be launched later this year. But there is a major cause of concern, especially for older versions of iPhones. Notably, iPhone users who are using the older versions may not get the update facility at all.

The current iOS 15.4 version which has been rolled out for the public saw older iPhones from iPhone XS and iPhone XR being left out of getting the update. The beta version of the iOS 15.5 was launched recently for developers to help debug the update.

The iOS 15.5 beta version’s main highlight is the ‘sensitive locations’ for memories in the photos application and is likely to be blocked.

Main question arises here, will your iPhone miss getting the iPhone 16 update? Most likely, iPhone XR and iPhone XS may also be left out for this year’s newest upcoming update from Apple. However, nothing official has been highlighted yet by the company.

The update might get better previews at WWDC in June 2022. iOS 15 failed to excite users with majorly a lot of bugs fixing issues while no aesthetic changes was added as a part of the general rollout plan then. Meanwhile, iOS 16 promises to be everything that was expected from the iOS 15 update including newer widgets, an improved Notification Centre look including a redesigned Safari with a few more Memoji options.

Rumours suggest that iOS 16 will come with a more exciting features and mass appeal. Improvement of iPhone devices including interactive widgets, more quick actions shortcuts from the lock screen and additional health-tracking features is on the cards.

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