Why Did The Simpsons Get A Movie? It Took 20 Years For It To Be Made

Even 35 years after their debut on “The Tracey Ullman Show,” the Simpsons are unquestionably small-screen legends.

The Simpsons Get A Movie? It Took 20 Years For It To Be Made

For the past 33 seasons, viewers have tuned in to watch what type of hilarious, often snarky

shenanigans Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and the rest of the Springfield family have gotten themselves


into. While the show is no longer as famous as it once was on television, its popularity has stayed high

enough to keep it in the spotlight. A trip to the movies in 2007 to see the aptly titled “Simpsons Movie” was the most recent example.

“The Simpsons Movie,” directed by David Silverman, the longtime “Simpsons” creative genius, finally brought the titular family to the big screen.

The Environmental Protection Agency encloses Springfield and all of its inhabitants behind a giant glass dome as a result of Homer’s water pollution.

Marge (Julie Kavner), Lisa (Yeardley Smith), Bart (Nancy Cartwright), and Maggie (Cartwright) all depart because of Homer’s carelessness.

Homer, desperate to reunite his family and friends, decides to save Springfield from impending tragedy.

“The Simpsons Movie” succeeded well financially and critically, despite not being widely recognised as the best “Simpsons” material available.

Not to mention that it catapulted the show into the public eye in a way that no other television show had done in a long time.

Given this, it’s tough to comprehend why “The Simpsons Movie” wasn’t released sooner. It turns out that was the original idea.

Those engaged in the production of “The Simpsons” expected a theatrical release at some point. However, deciding where to take the story took a long time.

There were plans for a feature-length adaptation of Season 4’s “Kamp Krusty,” a “Simpsons”-infused version of Disney’s “Fantasia,” and even an anthology film based on various “Treehouse of Horror”

episodes, but none came to fruition. At the turn of the century, a “Simpsons” film seemed like a pipe dream, but the idea gained traction in the early 2000s.

In 2001, the “Simpsons” stars formally committed to feature in a film if one was made, and script work began soon after (via USA Today).

By 2003, Matt Groening and his large writing team had began devoting significant time and effort to

the screenplay, workshopping various ideas, potential antagonists, and general story techniques in order to create the greatest film possible. In July 2007, Groening commented,

“We realise we’re taking your good money, and we want to truly offer you something you haven’t seen before,” alluding to the production’s passion and ambition.

Despite the fact that “The Simpsons Movie” was not released during the peak of the television programme on which it is based, it was nonetheless released.

Furthermore, it’s clear that those in control wanted to get as close as possible to a story-worthy landing, so the delay is very understandable.

Keep an eye out for more details. We’re sure you’re a big Simpsons fan, and the new film will drive you insane. We’ll keep you updated on the movie’s release date as soon as we have it.


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