Who Is The Main Character Of Nana Anime?Is The Nana Anime Finished??

Nana Anime written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa is a Japanese manga series. After Shueisha’s Cookie

Main Character Of Nana Anime?Is The Nana Anime Finished??

magazine ceased publication in May 2009, it was compiled into twenty-one tank-on volumes before

nana anime

going on indefinite hiatus. There are two main characters, both of whom are referred to as Nana in the title of the series.

Main Character Of Nana Anime

Nana Osaki, a 20-year-old singer in the band Black Stones, relocates to Tokyo to pursue a professional

music career. Nana O. was raised by her grandmother after her mother abandoned her as a child and she never met her biological father.

A loner and feared by her peers throughout high school, Nobu is the only one who can bring Nana O. out of this shell and into their hearts.

After she was falsely accused of prostitution, she was expelled from high school. Nana K. sees her as

fashionable, beautiful, and trustworthy; however, Nana O. fears losing the people she cares about.

In Nana Anime, The Storyline

A well-known punk rock band in her hometown had Nana Osaki as a member of the group. She heads to Tokyo in order to become a pop star.

The two Nanas meet on the train to the city. They later run into each other again while looking at the

same apartment, and the girls decide to room together. The story revolves around their friendship and

their individual aspirations, which are chronicled throughout the series.

Is Nana Anime Streaming On Amazon Prime?

Subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video may make it simple for some people to watch the anime.

Because Amazon has provided excellent subtitles, viewers may have an easier time following the show.

Sentai Filmworks owns the rights to produce the show in full high definition. The HD series of anime

will be released on selected digital outlets, and soon it will be available on home video.

 Is Nana Anime Free To Stream Online

1 In order to watch the anime series, you must first subscribe to Amazon Prime Video and pay a fee for the app.

Watching The Nana Anime Series Will Take Time

Only one season of this show has been released, so you’ll need to watch the first one in order to fully appreciate the upcoming seasons.

Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of the next anime series and any upcoming

instalments in the franchise after the first season ends.

47 episodes and three recaps make up the first season of the show. The series will be completed in around 19 hours and 10 minutes.

Nana Anime Characters

  • S.No    Cast Name
  • 1         Nana Osaki
  • 2.        Nana Komatsu
  • 3         Nana Komatsu
  • 4         Nobuo Terashima
  • 5         Shinichi Okazaki
  • 6.        Yasushi Takagi
  • 7.        Ren Honjo
  • 8.        Reira Serizawa
  • 9.        Takumi Ichinose

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