What To Expect From The New iPhone In 2022

Apple got the iPhone SE 2022 out of the way this month, now the stage is set for the next premium iPhone lineup, which should be the iPhone 14 series. People are crazy about iPhones, which is why the news about upcoming models brings excitement. We have already seen quite a few rumours, leaks and projections of what the next iPhone lineup is going to offer.

The internet sphere keeps a close eye on news about what the new iPhone design will look like, and what features it will have. Here are some of the details about the upcoming iPhone 14 series that have been revealed so far.

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Design Change, Finally

Many expect iPhone 13 to get a new design refresh but that didn’t happen. Now, reports suggest the iPhone 14 series will have a different positioning and also some changes in the design. Leaks have talked about the iPhone 14 replacing the wide notch in favour of a pill hole design, where you will have the front camera and the Face ID sensors. While you would expect the changes on all four models, reports say Apple could keep the new screen design for the Pro models itself.

New Max for iPhones

This year’s iPhone 14 series could have a new addition. Apple is widely expected to stop making the Mini version, and instead, you might see an iPhone 14 Max version. This way Apple continues to have four models in the lineup but with a similar display footprint for both the vanilla iPhone 14 and the Max model.

More RAM Onboard

iPhones have generally avoided the specs battle since iOS allows Apple to control the hardware as well as the software ecosystem. But this year’s flagship iPhones 14 series could finally move up the memory ladder with 6GB RAM expected on all four models. The only difference could be that iPhone 14 & Max gets a 6GB LPDDR 4 version, while the Pro and Pro Max come with the LPDDR5 version. The memory will come paired with the new A16 Bionic chipset, the successor to the A15 Bionic, which has already delivered impressive results.

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Even Better Cameras

Let’s be honest, the cameras on the iPhone 13 were an upgrade but nothing that made the Pro series extraordinary. So, all the eggs are likely to fall into the iPhone 14 basket this year. The megapixel count doesn’t really matter to us as long as the quality sees a big improvement. Apple could probably add a few more features like a higher level of zoom and maybe experiment with different lenses for a change.

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Faster Charging Would Be Nice

Apple iPhone 13 Pro series costs over Rs lakh, but you only get 20W fast charging support on the devices. It’ll be good to see Apple make some advancements in the charging space with the iPhone 14 series, and maybe give us at least 40-50W charging speed, if not more?

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