What is Mint Mobile, and is it worth it?

Mint Mobile fast facts

Available plans (opens in new tab) include 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, and Unlimited which you pay for in advance (3-month, 6-month, or 12-month terms)

• The end cost is cheaper if you go for the 6-month or 12-month terms

• Family plans at Mint allow each line of data to enjoy the same discount rate; you’re able to mix and match data allotments

• Mint Mobile operates off of T-Mobile towers and will see de-prioritization under network congestion; it also supports T-Mobile’s 5G network

Mint Mobile has a unique model for a wireless carrier, and it all amounts to a good value. It’s also gotten quite the reputation as an up and coming carrier, thanks to the ads with actor and company owner Ryan Reynolds. But getting to know what Mint Mobile is beyond those ads could help you save money on your monthly cell phone bill.

At Mint, the savings come when you buy in bulk by signing up for one of Mint’s low-cost data plans (opens in new tab). You don’t pay a monthly rate to the carrier; instead, you pay in advance for anywhere from three to 12 months of service with the bigger discounts coming with the longer commitment. And you may want to pay up for those 12 months of service, as the savings at Mint are pretty tantalizing compared to the best prepaid phone plans. You can also bring any of the best unlocked phones that support GSM networks.

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