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Warzone Mobile brings back one of the best Call of Duty maps

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is just around the corner, but we don’t know everything about the battle royale game just yet. Sure, we’ll know when Warzone Mobile’s release date is, but do we know which maps will be included?

The new CoD game will feature Verdansk’s return from the original Warzone. However, there will be some major changes to the Colossal Battle Areas, including some new map segments.

Warzone is one big overworld that combines a number of smaller maps from Call of Duty history. But it looks like this new version of Verdansk will feature one of the best CoD maps ever created as part of its world.

Teased Twitter according to the game’s official account, it looks like Shoothouse will be part of the game. It makes sense: Shoothouse was a big part of Modern Warfare 2019, the game that brought us the original Warzone. In addition, the map has been recreated for the recently released Modern Warfare 2.

The Twitter account did not state outright that Shoothouse is coming to the game. However, the shared image is just an erroneous version of the map, so it’s easy to see.

Below the tweet, fans expressed their excitement for the card’s return. After all, Shoothouse is one of the most loved maps in CoD since Rust.

Nevertheless, fans were still quick to react negatively to the news. While many were excited about the card, many were more interested in an open beta announcement. With the game’s release still scheduled for next year, it’s a long wait.

What do you think of this new map segment for Warzone Mobile? Are there any other maps you’d like to see coming to the game? Personally, we hope for Rust, but we never get what we want.

The new CoD game will not be released until May 15, 2023. Hopefully the new CoD title will be a great experience on mobile.

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