Warriors vs Celtics live stream: How to watch game 3 of NBA Finals online right now

It’s time for the Warriors vs Celtics live stream, which sees the latter coming off a frustrating loss. But while they could have gone up 2-0 in that NBA Playoffs live stream, their current situation (in the grand scheme of things) isn’t all that bad. The road team typically hopes to split their first road games, and now it’s up to them to defend their home court.

Following a game 1 where the lead was traded back and forth like a draft pick, the Warriors took command in game 2’s latter half. The third quarter, as we’ve come to expect, was Golden State’s, and they out-scored Boston by 35-14, adding 21 points onto a 2-point lead from the start of the half. And unlike in game 1, the Celtics only scored four more points than the Warriors in the fourth frame. 

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