Ultra Mobile coupon codes – 15% OFF in November 2022


What are Ultra Mobile coupon codes?

Ultra Mobile coupon codes are digital promo codes that can be used to lower the price of Ultra Mobile phones or plans. When available, Ultra Mobile coupon codes can be entered while viewing your shopping cart. 

What is Ultra Mobile’s return policy?

Ultra Mobile will honor returns for SIM cards within 10 days of purchase. The card must be returned in its original packaging and it must not be activated. Phones may be returned within 7 days from when you received your phone. All returned merchandise must come with the original manufacturer’s packaging, literature, accessories, instructions, blank warranty cards, and documentation.

What areas does Ultra Mobile cover?

Ultra Mobile uses T-Mobile’s 5G network to provide coverage across the United States. That includes major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, D.C., and more. You can see Ultra Mobile’s coverage map via the Ultra Mobile website (opens in new tab).

Does Ultra Mobile offer international coverage?

Planning a trip overseas? Ultra Mobile offers international coverage to 80+ destinations including Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, United Kingdom, India, and more. You can browse all supported countries via the Ultra Mobile website (opens in new tab)

Can I use my current phone on Ultra Mobile?

Ultra Mobile Hints and Tips

In addition to Ultra Mobile coupon codes, there are various other ways to save money on your Ultra Mobile purchases:

  • Take advantage of weekly deals: Ultra Mobile offers plenty of deals on its website. They can be sorted by phone deals or plan deals. You can browse all Ultra Mobile deals via its website (opens in new tab)
  • Sign up for single-month plans: Occasionally, Ultra Mobile offers discounts on its single month plans. You can shop current monthly discounts via the Ultra Mobile website (opens in new tab).
  • Bring your own phone: One of the best ways to save at any carrier is by bringing your own phone. Ultra Mobile permits this as long as your phone is unlocked and supported by its network. You can check your phone’s compatibility by model number or by IMEI number at Ultra Mobile’s website (opens in new tab)

How to use Ultra Mobile coupon codes

Ultra Mobile coupon codes can be entered while viewing your shopping cart. After adding an item(s) to your shopping cart, proceed to the view shopping cart dashboard. Below the product name, you’ll find a section that says “Have a coupon?” Manually enter your Ultra Mobile coupon, click “Apply Coupon,” and your discount will be activated. 

What plans does Ultra Mobile offer? 

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