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Twelve Minutes Mobile delayed in August

UPDATE: Below is the original article claiming that Twelve Minutes would be coming to Android in August. After the release of this article, Netflix Gaming informed us that the game will no longer be released in August. No release date is planned.

Original: Netflix’s recent mobile port Into the Breach was just a taste of things to come. Next month, the streaming service will release three more games for mobile gamers, including the 3D puzzle game Twelve Minutes.

Netflix brings Twelve Minutes to mobile

As part of their monthly announcements, Netflix has unveiled the next batch of mobile games for its gaming service. Unfortunately, there were no dates for the new games, but they are all coming this month.

For starters, Annapurna Interactive’s Twelve Minutes is coming to mobile. Starring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem DaFoe, this fantastic narrative puzzle is an A-star adventure.

With simple controls, Twelve Minutes should be perfect on mobile. On PC, simple mouse inputs control everything. This means that this new mobile conversion should play like a dream!

Clocking in at just a few hours, Twelve Minutes is a perfect addition to the Netflix library. It’s a simple game that only takes an ounce of time to complete, leaving you eagerly looking forward to a new release.

Immortality is also coming to mobile

In addition to Twelve Minutes, Netflix is ​​bringing the highly anticipated Immortality to mobile. This new FMV game created by Sam Barlow (Her Story) is expected to be a treat.

What’s great about Immortality on mobile is that it seemingly starts day and night with the console and PC versions. This has not been confirmed, but Netflix has scheduled the mobile release for August and the other versions will launch on August 30.

While there are currently no reviews for the game, Immorality is expected to be a hit. If not? It’s part of a Netflix subscription and there are plenty of other games to play.

The others

Also coming to Netflix Gaming: Netflix Heads Up! and rival pirates. The first is an adaptation of the classic charades game, but with a Netflix twist! Essentially, it’s all about Netflix characters now.

On the other hand, Rival Pirates is a 3D action game where you play as, well, pirates! The description reads: “Switch out, fire cannonballs and avoid traps to find treasures for your enemies in this reckless adventure.”

With Twelve Minutes, Immortality and more, the Netflix lineup for August looks very solid indeed. Without sounding greedy, we’re looking forward to the next batch!

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