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The Trek FX+ 2 feels like a bike. Trek has definitely made an effort for this city-focused eBike to look and feel like a bike as much as possible and in that effort, it succeeded. The FX+ 2 felt like riding a traditional bicycle until you really turn on the pedal assist, and even then it still largely kept that feel. At around 40 pounds, it also is closer in weight to a traditional bicycle, at least compared to the competition. I was able to get it up and down stairs without breaking a sweat, which was convenient. 

Trek FX+ 2 eBike: Specs

Weight: 40.13 pounds
Max rider weight: 300 pounds
Gearing: 9-speed Shimano Altus
Battery: 250Wh
Motor: 250W HyDrive motor
Max assisted speed: 20 mph
Max estimated range: 35 miles

For all these successes, the $2,399 FX+2 is significantly more expensive than our best budget electric bike, the Aventon Soltera ($1,399) or our best overall electric bike, the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus ($1,999). This despite the FX+ 2 having no throttle, no LCD display and no removable battery. As enjoyable as riding it may be — and it is — it’s tough to recommend it over the competition.  

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