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Toy Rider: All Star Racing is out now, kinda like micromachines

The original Micro Machines games were great. Remember them? We do. Well, Toy Rider: All Star Racing looks like it has a bit of the same vibe to it, so we thought we’d tell you it’s on the Play Store and you can download it. If you want. That’s your choice.

The game features a whole host of different cars and power-ups, and different rooms to drive them around. It has that crazy, fun vibe that distinguishes even the best arcade racers.

You drive around in dump trucks, sports cars, airplanes and much more. And you don’t need a WiFi connection, which is nice. Here’s a follower.

There are a ton of different crazy powerups to unleash, from fireballs to horses to assassins. And more than 24 different tracks to hone your skills.

If you want to give Toy Rider: All Star Racing a try you can click here to download it from play store† It’s free with IAP, but we think it’s worth a try anyway.

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