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Tower of Fantasy cheaters still rampant after first ban wave

Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy has a huge fraud problem. After launch, players everywhere noticed large numbers of Tower of Fantasy cheaters populating the game’s leaderboards.

Following the complaints, Hotta launched the first ban wave, targeting hackers in the game. That ban has proven ineffective, however, as cheaters are still rampant in the gaming world.

Yes, there are still Tower of Fantasy cheaters

It seems that Tower of Fantasy’s first ban wave has failed. Although some cheaters in Hotta’s Genshin-esque have been eliminated, the nefarious group is still an issue in the MMO gacha game.

In the first wave of bans, Hotta banned all players who had a modified version of the game’s exe file on PC. This resulted in some cheaters being banned, as well as players who didn’t cheat in the game.

However, Hotta failed to ban players who are the most obvious cheaters in the game. At the time of writing, thousands of Tower of Fantasy cheaters offer impossible statistics. With a current level cap for all players, these hackers are easy to spot.

As indicated on reddit, hackers are still flooding chats and bragging that they are 7.5 level suppressors. (Yes, that’s impossible for normal players.) The cheater in question even managed to reach Floor 500 in the Bygone Phantom Tower.

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angry community

The ongoing wave of Tower of Fantasy cheaters is tiring some of the game’s most hardcore fans. Complaints of rampant cheating are frequent on the game’s subreddit and players are outraged.

On the subreddit, players claim that servers are suffering badly from cheaters. One player said, “I hate these cockroaches, they are teasing the Solaris server.”

In addition, as players point out, only individual server access will be banned during this wave. This means that the only thing a cheater loses is access to one server and their character. They can continue to cheat with a new character.

Have you dealt with Tower of Fantasy cheaters before? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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