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Total Football launches on mobile this month

Are you looking for a brand new footie game on mobile? Well, Total Football, a new simulator from Gala Studio, is here to tickle your imagination.

A competitor for FIFA World Cup, this new footie simulator sims to provide realistic experience on phones. But how deep does this experience go in terms of realism?

Designed with FIFA-like gameplay in mind, this Unreal Engine-made title aims to have really smart opponents. With beautiful moving animations you dance across the field as realistically as in real life.

Total Football, out November 18, is a premium mobile title. You can pre-order the game right now Google Play Storeif that interests you at the moment.

Brilliant, you don’t just have to play multiplayer matches here, although they are an option. In addition, there is a full single player campaign where you can take your team to the top of the world.

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If you’re a sucker for branding, you’ll find a decent amount here. Not as impressive as FIFA, Total Football has official licenses for FIFPro and Manchester United, a great British team.

In addition, the new game will be branded by the face of the iconic footballer Ronaldinho. If you are a fan, take him on your team and shoot goals from all over the field. Won’t that be sick?

Gala studio believes that you can experience “the essence of the beautiful game” with the new title. Are you excited to take the field in the palm of your hands?

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