This TikTok dishwasher hack will keep your mugs dry

We all rely on the best dishwashers to clean our plates and glasses day in, day out. And while stain removal is key in a dishwasher’s performance, we sometimes forget that drying is a fundamental part of the cycle as well — something which many models fall short on. In fact, it’s almost expected that some items, such as mugs, will inevitably gather a puddle of water by the end of the cycle, which you need to tip away and dry separately before storing.

But, before you go blaming your dishwasher, this problem can easily be avoided. All it takes is a small change, which was recently highlighted on TikTok. It’s such a revelation that this TikTok dishwasher hack has been trending ever since, and it’s something everyone should know. Follow this advice, and you need never worry about wet mugs again. 

Why do mugs come out wet from the dishwasher?  

Before we go into the solution, we need to understand the problem. There’s a reason certain items won’t dry fully in your dishwasher, and that’s due to their shape. If an item does not have a completely flat bottom when inverted, i.e. the rim forms a shallow dish, water will pool and collect in this space during the wash cycle.  

A white mug being removed from the upper basket in a dishwasher

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That’s why water often gathers on the underside of mugs and bowls. It can’t be drained from this pocket and so the item can’t dry effectively, resulting in a small, inconvenient puddle when it comes to unloading time. This happens whenever there’s an opportunity for water to collect — if you’ve ever made the mistake of loading a glass the wrong way up, you will see the consequences.   

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