This is the one Apple Arcade game you need to play now

It can be easy to forget about Apple Arcade in a year that’s seen the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and very soon God of War Ragnarök. Mobile gaming seemingly pales into insignificance when major releases are around and cloud gaming on smartphones is ever more accessible thanks to the likes of Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

But as Apple Arcade has evolved, it’s become a quiet bastion of excellent mobile games, curated for iPad and iPhone use. And Bleak Sword is one such game that’s caught my attention. 

What looks like the most basic games, with a mostly monochrome look and super low-fi pixel graphics, is actually hiding a surprisingly deep and engrossing game that I feel is a must play for anyone trying out Apple Arcade. 

a photo of Bleak Sword on the iPhone 13 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Created by solo developer More8Bit and published by indie game darling Devolver Digital, Bleak Sword puts you in the boots of a warrior on a journey to lift a curse on the titular sword. 

Armed with a sword and shield, you’re tasked to find your way through a grim land of pixel art dioramas full of creatures and monstrous beings intent on ending the player’s life with a splash screen of a pixelated red skull filling and devouring the iPhone’s display.

a photo of Bleak Sword on an iPhone 13 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

You can play the game with one hand, swiping to dodge, holding and swiping in a direction to deliver various attacks, and pressing and holding just at the right moment to counter a fearsome blow from a monstrous foe. 

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