This hidden iPhone 13 feature is amazing

In our series of iPhone tips and tricks, today we show you how to throw away your edit text worries on iPhones 13 and some other models.

iPhones are one of the leading premium phones available in the market. The iPhones offers several cool features like FaceTime, Siri, and a great camera especially after the release of iOS15. Many of us are not aware of some of these features and one such feature is the hidden iPhone trackpad. This makes it easy to delete, rewrite or edit text especially when you’re writing a long text message or an email. You can use your finger to move the cursor and edit any part of the text.

The hidden trackpad not only makes editing easier but it also provides a magnifying bubble that enlarges the text underneath your fingertip upon moving the cursor. However, if you find it difficult to move your cursor with your finger, there’s also an alternative option to do so. The hidden trackpad using 3D Touch can be unlocked by pressing anywhere on Apple’s stock keyboard on devices supporting iOS 15, i.e, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 11. Notably, this awesome feature is not available for older iOS versions. In this article, we have mentioned how to access the trackpad hidden in your keyboard. Know how you can enable the hidden iPhone trackpad.

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