This feature will knock your socks off! Know how to use it

iPhone users can increase their typing speed by using the text replacement feature provided by Apple. Know how to.

Are you an iPhone user? There are several iPhone tips and tricks which can be used to make your life easier. Today we will be discussing one such trick. We often need to type on our phones, may it be while messaging, mailing or searching anything on the browser. Generally what we type can be a single word, small sentences, or longer ones, or may be paras. But, do you take time to type on your phone? Typing on your iPhone can become a bit faster! Yes, here is an iPhone trick which can help you type faster depending on what you want to say or communicate.

You can use the text replacement feature available on the iPhones to swap out short messages to longer ones. Apple allows you to create your own text replacements. Using these replacements can save you some time and can speed up your typing. As per a report by The Sun, a video by TikTok tech star Scott Polderman is going viral. He can be seen explaining how the text replacement feature works on the iPhone and how it can be activated in the video. In order to explain how it works, he used the text ‘aa’ to get replaced with his email address.

You can also create such shortcuts by using a single character or alphabet or anything according to your convenience to make your typing faster. You can use this trick for the sentences or words you oftenly type. It can be used to auto replace text for your personal details like phone number, address, something related to your work, among others. In anyways, you will be able to save a few seconds of yours by using this simple trick.

You can even have multiple text replacements to make your typing more easier. If you liked the trick and want to use it, then here is how you can activate it on your iPhones:

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