This Amazon hack can help you fight inflation — how I save 15%

Inflation is causing the price of everything to skyrocket. Household items that I used to buy for $15 have nearly doubled in price. Sure, there are plenty of Amazon Memorial Day sales out there, but these sales typically don’t discount household goods.

However, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, there’s one hack that I highly recommend you use. It’s simple and it can help you knock as much as 15% off your household/pantry purchases. It’s called Amazon Subscribe & Save and when used right, it can help you save substantially. 

Subscribe & Save is a free service that lets you set up regularly scheduled deliveries. It’s been around for years and I use it to purchase all sorts of items like Pur Water Filters (opens in new tab), Tide Laundry Detergent Pods (opens in new tab), and Bounty Paper Towels (opens in new tab).

To encourage people to use the service, Amazon offers a 5% discount on items purchased via Subscribe & Save. The discount is minimal and usually amounts to just a few cents off. However, the savings add up when you add more items to your Subscribe & Save cart.

Once you have five or more Subscribe & Save-eligible items in your cart, you’ll get 15% off. What many shoppers don’t know is that you can place your Subscribe & Save order, get your 15% in savings, and then cancel future Subscribe & Save orders. That way Amazon won’t auto-ship (and auto-charge) you for items you may/may not need.

Pro tip: Stack those Subscribe & Save coupons

Amazon Subscribe & Save total

(Image credit: Amazon)

There’s another trick I use with my Subscribe & Save purchases. Amazon has a hidden Subscribe & Save coupon page (opens in new tab) that lists stackable coupons that work with your Subscribe & Save purchases. The coupons range from 40% off kids vitamins (opens in new tab) to $1.75 off toilet paper (opens in new tab)

When you stack the coupons with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save discounts, the savings are much more significant. For instance, I was able to knock $22 off an order of $103. After your order ships, you can cancel any future Subscribe & Save shipments. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what items have coupons and which don’t. However, if you’re not loyal to any brand, you can use the Subscribe & Save discount with Amazon’s coupons to your advantage. 

For more ways to save on Amazon, make sure to check out our upcoming coverage of the best Prime Day deals and the best Prime member benefits.

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