There’s a new lighter PS5 — but it’s only in one country so far

Buyers have spotted a new, lighter model of the PS5 in the wild, according to website Press Start (opens in new tab) (via GamesRadar). PS5 model CFI-1200 is reportedly now on sale in Australia, but also showed up in Japanese retailer listings yesterday (opens in new tab).

Based on the site’s report, the new CFI-1200 models of the PS5 weigh less than the original launch systems. The new all-digital edition PS5 weighs 7.4 pounds, while the standard PS5 with a disc drive now weighs 8.5 pounds. The launch PS5 digital and standard models weighed 8.6 and 9.9 pounds, respectively. To put things into perspective, the new standard PS5 weighs less than the original all-digital model.

This is the second time Sony has reduced the weight of the PS5. Incidentally enough, Press Start (opens in new tab) (which is an Australian site) also spotted the last new PS5 model (CFI-1102A) in 2021. This model, which eventually came out worldwide, shaved about 1.6 ounces off of the original console’s weight. The most noticeable change came to the screw that attaches the base stand to the console. In the newer model, buyers can adjust this screw by hand rather than requiring a screwdriver.

PS5 model CFI-1200

Website Press Start posted photos of the reportedly new PS5 model. (Image credit: Press Start)

At present, it’s unclear what Sony did to make this newer PS5 model lighter. Last year, the Tokyo-based company changed the home console’s heatsink in order to reduce its weight. Though some folks, such as YouTuber Austin Evans (opens in new tab), were concerned that the new heatsink could cause overheating issues, no widespread reports of PS5s overheating ever cropped up.

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