The ultimate MacBook M1 dock lets you multitask with three monitors at once

Want to create the ultimate mega-desk? Well, there is one accessory that can make that happen for your MacBook. Anker’s new 10-in-1 USB C hub allows M1-equipped MacBooks to connect to three external displays, whether it’s the MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro M1 or the newer MacBook Pro 14-inch or MacBook Pro 16-inch. 

The Anker 563 dock ($249) has 10 ports, including USB-C, USB-A, 3.5mm audio and Ethernet. But how it makes the triple MacBook displays possible is through its display connectors, which are two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort. One HDMI port is capable of 4K at 30Hz, and the second HDMI port and the DisplayPort can do 2K (or 1440p) at 60Hz refresh rate.

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