The one Roku setting I wish I knew about — and how to turn it off

I love the Roku home screen for its simplicity, but it finally gave me a reason to be bothered. I didn’t see this coming, though, when I ditched Apple TV for Roku. I had seen the Roku as a mostly really easy device to use. Unlike the Fire TV’s home screen — which goes to excess to a negative — Roku keeps things simple. Editor’s note: this story has been updated per a change we noticed when an Obi-Wan theme was automatically applied and the settings to disable it were different).

You just have a neat purple background (which you can change to one of the built-in themes if you want) and a grid of icon apps. It’s so simple that my parents understood it easily. And unless you have the $179 for the Apple TV 4K, I’d say the $99 Roku Ultra is a fine alternative. They’re two of the best streaming devices, and I admit only people who review them for a living would have both on-hand like I did. 

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