The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is so good I wish I’d ditched the Joy-Cons years ago

I’ve owned my Nintendo Switch since launch day in March 2017, and across the last five and a half years I put dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of play into the nifty handheld/home console hybrid. Until this week I’d only ever used the default Joy-Cons. I’d never tried our pick for the best Nintendo Switch controller the aptly named Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. 

For years I’ve heard nothing but good things about Nintendo’s premium controller option, but I stuck with my Joy-Cons for a few reasons. First, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a somewhat significant investment costing about $60 on sale, and as much as $75 at full retail price. Furthermore, I predominately play my Switch in handheld mode so wasn’t convinced I’d get enough use from a Pro Controller to justify the cost. 

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