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The Ninja Must Die Android release date is today, pre-download available now

Pre-download is open for the Ninja Must Die Android version, with servers launching today. If you want something quick and visually beautiful, you might want to take a look.

According to his Google Play list, Ninja Must Die is a combat runner that lets you enjoy the fun of being a ninja. Well, not the historically correct kind.

You’re not spying in Edo Japan. Instead, you run through fantastic landscapes and ride dragons.

Oh no, Onie

The game takes place in the land of Sunbreak caught in a feud between the Samuari ruling class and the shadowy Ninjas.

It’s possible that both the samurai and ninjas have a bigger problem than each other, as the demonic Oni are about to return from centuries of captivity.

When the Oni last appeared, they practically destroyed the world, so their return is bad news for everyone. Good thing there are some brave ninjas out there to do something about it.

The Ninja Must Die Android Edition gives you a choice of four characters to control. They all have different elemental tendencies that affect gameplay.

The wannabe ninja hero Kuro uses fire powers, the mountain-dwelling Rin enlists ice magic to help her. Panda-man Riki commands lightning, while the mask-wearing Enigma Souga uses wind.

Keep running

Gameplay is in the form of a battle runner. You run along a 2D path in a painterly 3D world, using your weapons and agility to dodge anything in your path.

Your obstacles can range from steep slopes to demons and huge rolling Buddha heads. The Ninja Empire is a dangerous place. Although the Buddha head is a bit your own fault.

Pandada Games renders it all in a cool, ink-washed painting style, which is quite refreshing in a market where titles can start to look like copies of each other.

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