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The latest episode of Duskwood is now out for Android

The ninth episode of Duskwood came out late last year, and we can imagine that many people have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the tenth and final installment of the interactive detective thriller. Well, the wait is over. Episode ten is now available.

In the game, players around the world have tried to discover the whereabouts of Hannah, a young girl who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The latest installment is the longest yet and apparently sets new standards for production quality. Which is nice. Here’s a teaser trailer for the final episode. It includes thunderstorms.

Everything takes place in a WhatsApp-like messaging service, with various images, videos and other communications. You play yourself and it’s up to you to try and get to the bottom of the mystery. Which hopefully you will succeed, because this is the end.

Apparently there are some subtle teasers about the next Everbyte project that will also be unlocked once you finish the game. Because nothing is ever really the end.

you can click here to download Duskwood from Play Store† It’s free with IAP. If you’re already a player and can’t see the new episode, you’ll need to update your game before it comes out.

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