The best Saatva mattress sales and deals in October 2022: $400 off your new mattress

The current Saatva mattress sale knocks between $200 and $400 off (opens in new tab) your new mattress. Almost all of Saatva’s mattresses are included, with the biggest discounts on the Saatva HD (for bigger bodies), Loom & Leaf (a premium memory foam model), and adjustable Solaire mattress. 

Our favorite of the range is the Classic (in fact, it tops our best mattress list right now – find out why in our Saatva Classic review). With the current discount, a queen Classic is $1,595 rather than the usual $1,795. This isn’t the best Saatva deal we’ve seen recently – Tom’s Guide has offered exclusive discounts that have knocked $375 off orders over $1,000. We’ve also seen MSRPs rising over the past few months, and they’ve crept up again in October.

In general you might expect to have to pay a bit more for a Saatva these days. We hope that the Black Friday mattress deals yield lower prices, but if you need a mattress before then, this is still a great price for such a luxurious model. Saatva has also extended its trial period from 180 nights to 365 nights, and the warranty has been upped from 15 years to a lifetime warranty, so the extras are good too. Read on for a closer look at the best Saatva mattress sales and deals to help you save.

Saatva mattress sale: the best deals to shop now

Which Saatva mattress should you choose?

Saatva makes nine different mattresses. For an in-depth look at the top three bestsellers, head to our Saatva Classic vs Loom & Leaf vs Saatva Latex Hybrid comparison article. Here’s a quick rundown. 

The flagship hybrid innerspring Saatva Classic mattress is the cheapest of this brand’s hybrids, and a great choice for most people because it comes in three different firmness options (soft, luxury firm and firm) and two depths (11.5 or 14,5 inches). The best firmness and depth for you depends on your body and sleep needs. 

If you’re looking for something you can sink into while you sleep, try the 12-inch premium memory foam Loom and Leaf mattress – it comes in two different firmness options and there’s usually a good discount on this one too. Meanwhile, the 12-inch organic Saatva Latex Hybrid or 10-inch natural Zenhaven Latex mattresses are very durable thanks to the natural latex, and great for anyone looking for a non-toxic, sustainable sourced option (for more latex options, see our best organic mattress guide).

Alternatively, if you and your partner prefer different levels of firmness, take a look at 13-inch Solaire Adjustable. It has 50 firmness settings on each side and individual controls, so you each personalize the mattress to your preference.

Saatva mattress sale: The Saatva Latex mattress dressed with white and gray linens and pillows

(Image credit: Saatva )

The Saatva HD is a medium-firm, heavy duty, hybrid innerspring mattress for bigger bodies – it’s been designed to support anyone weighing between 300 and 500lbs. Finally, the Saatva Youth is for children aged between three and 12, and the Saatva Crib is designed to support babies and toddlers (the latter has a shorter trial period of 45 nights). You’ll find more information about each mattress below, along with today’s best Saatva prices.

Saatva also makes a range of luxury bedding, including one of the best comforters for year-round use, plus luxury bed sheets, a plush weighted blanket, a range of bed pillows, and one of the best mattress toppers for adding extra comfort to your existing bed – read our Saatva Mattress Topper review for more on that one. 

While Saatva remains excellent value when you compare prices to the rest of the luxury mattress market, we have seen prices slowly creeping up over the course of 2022. There’s been some positive changes, too, though. Saatva now includes a 1-year trial with its mattresses, which is a marked increase from its previous 180-night trial. Plus, Saatva now provides a lifetime warranty instead of the 12-25 year guarantee that used to be standard. And free white glove delivery hasn’t gone away, either – a perk that other companies only include with an additional fee. 

More Saatva mattress deals

Saatva Classic mattress: sales, promo codes, deals and discounts for Black Friday

(Image credit: Saatva)

1. Saatva Classic Mattress deals

The best Saatva mattress for most sleepers – it’s so comfy

Best for: All sleepers | Sizes: Twin to Split Cal King | Depth: 11.5″ or 14.5″ | Turn: No | Filling : Hybrid – memory foam and coil | Comfort: Plush Soft to Firm | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: 15 years | RRP: $935 – $2,450

Best balance of luxury and price

Excellent support and comfort

Choice of depth and firmness


Motion transfer on softer models

The Saatva Classic is the flagship of Saatva’s luxury lineup. It’s a hybrid innerspring mattress, available in three different firmness levels: soft, luxury firm (aka medium) and firm. Saatva says 80% of people choose luxury firm. Plus, it also has two different thicknesses to choose between, making it one of the most customizable Saatva mattresses there is – which means it the best choice for most people. 

A spine aligning design and plush Euro pillow top work hard to keep your back, hips, and shoulders supported and cushioned, while the foam encasing around the mattress makes it reliably durable as well, and will prevent it sagging over time. 

Like all Saatva mattresses, the Classic comes with free premium white glove delivery and setup. Saatva will deliver the mattress to the room of your choice, and remove your old one too. 

For reference, in the last Saatva Black Friday sale the price of the Saatva Classic dropped to $1,999 from $1,399 for a queen-size. In late October this year, the price was significantly higher: $1,394, down from $1,595. We do expect it to fall for Black Friday, but current supply chain issues across the mattress industry make it harder to predict by how far – as a guess, we think we may see a queen on sale for $1,199-$1,299 after a discount.

Saatva mattress sale, discounts and deals: The Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress on a white background

(Image credit: Saatva)

2. Saatva Loom and Leaf mattress deals

A great-value ultra-premium memory foam mattress

Best for: All sleepers | Sizes: Twin to Split Cal King | Depth: 12″ | Turn: No | Filling : Memory foam | Comfort: Medium or firm | Trial: 365 nights | Guarantee: Lifetime warranty | Warranty: $1,049 – $2,876

Cushioning memory foam

Different firmness options

Renewably sourced

Great spine support

High-density memory foam layers offer exceptional contouring support in the Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress. Saatva’s bespoke Spinal Zone Gel is concentrated in the center third of the mattress for further support, and spread throughout the rest of the mattress for a cooler sleeping experience. You also have two levels of firmness to choose between, with Relaxed Firm (aka medium) being the most popular. 

We predict the Loom & Leaf will be on sale for between $1,499 and $1,599 for a queen size in the Saatva Black Friday sale this year. Last year it hit $1,499, down from $1,699, which is a good precedent – but at the end of October this year the Loom & Leaf rose to its highest price of the year: $1699, down from $1899. 

We expected this to fall for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but last year’s prices were never guaranteed due to supply chain issues across the industry this year.

Saatva mattress sales, discounts and deals: The Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress on a fabric bed frame with headboard

(Image credit: Saatva)

3. Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress deals

An all-natural, organic mattress combining latex with springs

Best for: Eco-conscious buyers; all sleepers | Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12″ | Turn: No | Filling : Talalay latex and coil | Comfort: Medium firmness | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | RRP: $2,024 – $2,424

Extremely durable

Naturally cool


Sustainably sourced

 Might be too firm for lighter bodies

If you’re looking for the comfort and durability of a luxury natural latex mattress but still want the contouring support of coils, the Saatva Latex Hybrid is worth considering. A responsive latex layer provides back support and pressure relief, while individually wrapped coils contour to give your body extra support. 

The coils also minimalize motion transfer, making the Latex Hybrid a good choice for anyone with a restless partner too. There’s a breathable cotton cover to prevent you from overheating as well. However, above all else the Saatva Latex Hybrid is an all-natural, organic mattress. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and free of harmful chemicals.

This one also popped up in the Saatva Black Friday sale, with prices dropping from its highest-ever late October tag of $1,649 (reduced from $1,849) for a queen, down to $1,599 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a $250 discount applied.  

Saatva mattress sales, discounts and deals: The Saatva Zenhaven Mattress on plain background

(Image credit: Saatva)

4. Saatva Zenhaven Mattress deals

Two firmness levels in one flippable, luxury latex mattress

Best for: Eco-conscious people; allergies | Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 10″ | Turn: Yes | Filling : Talalay Latex | Comfort: Luxury Plush to Gentle Firm | Trial: 365 nights | Guarantee: Lifetime warranty | RRP: $1,574 – $3,370

Like two mattresses in one

Great pressure point support 


Super durable

Boasting a five-zone Talalay latex comfort layer, the Saatva Zenhaven Latex mattress kicks things up a notch, offering uplifting, pressure-free support, cool sleep, and durability. It’s also flippable: advanced two-in-one comfort technology means the mattress has two different comfort levels – softer and firmer. Just flip it to find the side you prefer. The Zenhaven is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and doesn’t include any harmful chemicals either. 

Nearly all mattress prices fluctuate throughout the year, and the most we’ve seen the Zenhaven Latex on sale for is $2,295 for a queen (down from $2,495) in late October this year. We saw the price drop by an extra $50 with our exclusive discount in the Saatva Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, taking the price of a queen down to $2,245. That was still higher than what we saw last year, as well as over Memorial Day, July 4th sales, which reduced the price to $2,199. 

Saatva mattress sales, deals and discounts: The Saatva Solaire Adjustable mattress on a plain background

(Image credit: Saatva)

5. Saatva Solaire Adjustable mattress deals

A customizable mattress with 50 different firmness options

Best for: Customization | Sizes: Twin XL to Split Cal King | Depth: 13″ | Turn: No | Filling : Talalay latex and gel-infused memory foam | Comfort: 50 levels of personalization | Trial: 365 nights | Guarantee: Lifetime warranty | RRP: $2,297 – $4,695

50 firmness options

Personal settings on each side

Pressure point support

Cooling, gel-infused memory 

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