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The best running belts allow you to carry your keys, phone, gels, and gloves with you on a run, without having to overstuff your pockets, or run loops around your house to stop for fuel. Some running belts are better than others, and the best on the market will carry all of your cargo, without bouncing against your body as you run, or chafing your hips.

Like everything in the running world, running belts have come a long way — you’re no longer limited to a bulky, ugly fanny pack that bounces with every stride. Modern running belts are designed with different runners in mind — some are lightweight, designed for a couple of gels on race day, or to fit just your phone if you prefer to not run with a running phone holder. Others are more complex — designed to carry hydration and fueling, as well as holding your phone, and other essentials. 

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