The best Roombas in 2022

The best Roombas can be quite hard to find considering iRobot promotes such an extensive range. iRobot is one of the biggest brands in the robot vacuum marketplace — it offers everything from entry level models, to dedicated robot mops, to those with the latest and most advanced technology. Because of that, you can argue that there should be a Roomba to suit every household, but which one should you buy?

The best Roombas will offer a consistent performance as well as a user-friendly design. It should pick up everyday debris in a single pass, including the dreaded pet hair, and it should have effective navigational skills as well. That means it will cover every inch of the floor on route, without damaging fragile furniture in the process. You also want a model which is straightforward to operate and easy to understand, so you know exactly when and where it’s going to clean. Not sure which to buy? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve tested a number of Roombas — to find the best design for every home. These are the best Roombas.  

What are the best Roombas?

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