The best Kindles in 2022

Finding which of the best Kindles and e-readers is right for you shouldn’t be too tough. But Amazon had to complicate things. It now sells three Paperwhite Kindles and two other models, plus kids versions of the regular Kindle and the Paperwhite. What once was simple as reading a page-turner is now not so easy. And some news about the Kindle app experience on Android will make buying a physical Kindle all the more important to some.

We’ve reviewed all the major Kindles and e-readers for years, and our favorite e-reader and best Kindle overall is the basic Kindle Paperwhite. Truly the ideal model for most, it has a bigger and better display than before, plus USB-C charging and longer battery life. But what if you want physical buttons, or don’t want to spend over $100? Read on for our expert guide to the best Kindles on the market.

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