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The Archeland release date arrives in South Korea, with a worldwide release to follow

New RPG, Archeland, launched today in South Korea. Published by mobile RPG giant ZLONGAME, the game is cross-platform and exits public beta with Android, iOS, and PC versions.

Archeland follows the story of Avia, the princess of the holy city of Pharos. She was born cursed, with dragon scales slowly spreading over her body that will eventually kill her. That’s not even her main concern.

A princess with problems

Forced to give up her life of status and privilege to save her city, Avia assembles a band of heroes to help her do this. It’s possible her strange connection to dragons could be of some help, too.

Archeland is a strategic RPG with a turn-based system. Characters can move freely within a certain distance on a grid during their turn and use attacks or moves. Enemies can do the same, and multiples can easily converge on an isolated character.

If you are familiar with the Holy Trinity, you more or less know how to use your squad. Damage dealers, damage tankers, and healers are all character categories, and figuring out how to position them to get the most out of them is key to victory.

The inevitable Gacha

Archeland comes with a huge cast of characters. As you would expect, there are gacha mechanics involved. A few main characters seem to stick with your squad anyway, so you won’t be without a baseline of key roles.

At the moment, only South Korean players can enjoy the release. There’s no word yet on a global release date, though official developer activity is in the Archeland Global subreddit would imply that it is on their to-do list at some point. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little jealous.

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