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TERA Classic MMO Launches on Mobile with CBT Signup

The beloved MMO TERA returns with the release of TERA Classic! The faithful recreation of the anime-themed RPG is coming to mobile and aims to rekindle the love for the franchise. Will this be another RuneScape Mobile? Or will this not work?

Join TERA Classic

Starting today, you can participate in the TERA Classic closed beta test. This test, which will run from October 19 to 23, aims to test the title in 11 countries in the SEA region.

In the beta test, you can choose from the game’s seven playable races. Plus, you can select one of five classes and play in over 80 different locations. It may be Classic, but it’s still a huge game.

If you participate in the Closed Beta test, you can try the entire game. Currently only a few languages ​​are supported in the game: Thai, English, Chinese and Indonesian. Plus, everyone who plays the game will have access to exclusive rewards.

Even more exciting, the new release doesn’t just feature PvE, traditional MMO content. The new version even includes PvE content that lets you fight against other players. Destroy them in the name of DroidGamers!

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How do you get in?

To access the closed beta of the game, you need to go to the official website. If you want, click here to access the closed beta test signup form. We really hope you’ll join us.

Be warned, after the CBT ends, all your established data will be erased! This means that any characters or progress you make will not carry over to the final game. Yes, we are aware that it is sad.

However, there is a silver lining to all this. If you spend any money on TERA Classic during this Closed Beta, it will be refunded in full at the Open Beta launch.

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