Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43: The Black Warriors!! Release Date Trailer

After an extremely long wait, Toei Animation has finally released the highly anticipated Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode.

All the ongoing matches were finally revealed in the previous episode.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43: The Black Warriors!! Release Date Trailer

Both Gokus emerged victorious from their respective contests.

However, it was later discovered that all of the players who had lost their matches had been ejected.


Trunks were ready to pounce on the warriors in black after this. There will be a continuation of the

storyline in Episode 43 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In this regard, here is a comprehensive summary of the episode:

In the future, Goku will be challenged with the task of preventing Xeno Trunks from engaging in a vicious fight.

There is a good chance that the black warriors will be unmasked later in the episode, and these people could very well be those who were kicked out in the first place.  

What Happens Next In Super Dragon Ball Heroes?

Episode number two was announced at the end of episode number one. “A Fierce Battle That Transcends Space-Time!” is the show’s 43rd episode title.

“Xeno Trunks’ Strategy Against the Warriors in the Black Cloak Will Be Examined in the Next

Episode.” Because Goku and Piccolo recognised the black warriors as familiar, Aios was the former Supreme Kai of Time.

The mystery of the black-clad warriors will be explored in the 43rd episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

If Goku’s speculation is correct, these warriors must be those who failed to advance in the previous

match. In addition, the next episode will analyse the confrontation with Trunks.

Previous Episode’s Summary!

Only seven minutes remained in the 42nd episode of SDBH’s match. As a result of their victories, the

two Gokus were set to face one another.

Yamcha had already captured the Time Faries, so he was able to win this fight. Other candidates were

unable to progress further in the selection process. The arena was suddenly encircled by fighters wearing black cloaks.

An even larger man in an overcoat appeared and declared that all players who had not returned were obliterated from memory.

When Trunks heard this, his anger turned to rage, and he considered attacking the leader. Goku and

Piccolo notice that the people in the cloaks look suspiciously familiar.

Aios stepped in and put an end to the altercation. As introduced herself as the “Selector of Space-Time.”

Episode 43: The Release Date Of Super Dragon Ball Heroes

The Saiyans are once again under threat from the warriors in black. The release date for the 43rd

episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has yet to be determined. A few days before the premiere, the

release is confirmed in most cases. According to this, the episode will air in April.

Where Can I Find The Dragon Ball Heroes TV Series?

Funimation, VRV, and Crunchyroll have finished their Japanese language releases of the show.


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