Summer Game Fest 2022 live blog — all the big news as it happens


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The crew behind Genshin Impact have shown their latest: Honkai Starrail. This is our first look.

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

One Piece Odyssey is a brand-new RPG inspired by the legendary anime franchise. I’m personally not a fan of anime-based games (despite my love for anime) so I’ll take a cautious approach with this one. But it could be good. We’ll see. At the moment, it’s set to arrive sometime this year.

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Here’s the latest TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge trailer featuring Casey Jones. This one drops on June 12, which is right around the corner. I can’t contain my excitement!

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

(Image credit: Tribute Games)

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is the game I’m actually most looking forward to since it’s basically a love letter to classing TMNT games of the past. A new trailer reveals Casey Jones as a playable character. Fans will no doubt be stoked about this since they’ve requested the character since the game’s announcement.

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course looks phenomenal. This trailer is brief but so much fun.

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Here’s the new Marvel’s Midnight Sons trailer, featuring all-new characters.

Midnight Fight Express

(Image credit: Jacob Dzwinel)

Midnight Fight Express looks like Fight Club on steroids. The craziest thing about this game is that it’s made by a single developer. Very cool!

Cuphead: Delicious Last Course

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

Cuphead: Delicious Last Course drops on June 30th. I loved the original Cuphead so I’m super excited to play this one. I’ll die a bazillon times but I’ll love every single death. Give this to me!

Midnight Sons

(Image credit: Firaxis Games)

A new trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Sons arrives. This one is kind of unfair. I was ready to dismiss this game since it’s card battle title. I think the devs got wise and tossed in some Metallica to gain my interest. Sneaky!

Goat Simulator 3

(Image credit: Coffee Stain Games)

Goat Simulator 3 is announced. Forgive my ignorance, but I didn’t even know there was a Goat Simulator 2!

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Outriders Worldslayer is coming on June 30th. I don’t know who is still playing this game but I guess it’s good that the devs are still releasing content for this title. Perhaps this DLC will bring players back.

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Here’s footage of Routine. Creepy!


(Image credit: Frost Giant Studios)

We get a reveal for a brand-new game from Frost Giant Studios called Stormgate. This is an RTS game made by former World of Warcraft developers. A public beta will happen in 2023 but hopefully, we’ll see more footage before then. This will be a free-to-play title but the dev promises that it won’t have NFTs (thank goodness!)

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Here is the first trailer for Fort Solis. Admittedly not a lot going on here, but the fact Troy Baker and Roger Clark are involved is enough to get me excited. Also, who doesn’t love Mars?

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So pumped for Flashback! I really like how they remade this classic.

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Here’s some Witchfire gameplay. Pretty action-packed stuff!


(Image credit: Summer Game Fest)

We have another scary space game in the form of Routine. Don’t know what’s happening here but it seems pretty cool. Has an Alien Isolation vibe, which I’m all for. I will definitely keep an eye on this one.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 devs Jeff Negus and Johanna Faries discuss the game during Summer Game Fest. It seems this title will set off a new era for the franchise. I don’t know what that could mean but it’s intriguing.

Fort Solis

(Image credit: Summer Game Fest)

We have a surprise showing in the form of a Flashback remake! We also got an update on Witchfire.

Fort Solis (pictured above) was also unveiled. The latter is a brand-new game from an indie studio, which is pretty cool! Troy Baker and Roger Clark will lend their voice talent to the game.

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Here is our first look at Aliens Dark Descent. This looks like a really intense game. I’m a bit skeptical about the robotic enemies… but I’m also kind of excited about them as well. It’s complicated. But this looks pretty good so far!

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Here’s the full clip of new The Callisto Protocol footage. Again, this game will no doubt please Dead Space fans. The fact it’s made by most of the original Visceral Games team is a huge bonus. December 2 needs to get here asap!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

(Image credit: Activision)

We have new footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This game is a sequel to the original title released on Xbox 360 and looks to be as good of a remake as 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We’ll see if this one brings in the impressive sales numbers of the original.

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Here’s a better look at Guile from Street Fighter 6. The old warrior still looks spry! It will be fun to play as him again in the upcoming game.

Summer Game Fest

(Image credit: Summer Game Fest)

Okay, this game is totally Dead Space and I am here for it! I’ll post the footage when it goes live but suffice to say that it’s bloody wonderful. I don’t know about you but I am so pumped for this… even more so than the Dead Space remake.

Summer Game Fest 2022

(Image credit: Summer Game Fest)

Glen Schofield joins Keighley to discuss The Callisto Protocol. This game drops on December 2, 2022… which is a date Dead Space fans will surely need to keep in mind.

Aliens Dark Descent

(Image credit: Sega)

Aliens Dark Descent is the first new game announcement of the show. Looks like it could be the Aliens Colonial Marines we all wanted. This one is coming to consoles and PC in 2023. Worth keeping an eye on for the robot xenomorphs alone!

Street Fighter 6

(Image credit: Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 is the first game up on Summer Game Fest. First footage of new character, who is none other than Guile!

Looks like a trailer for The Last of US Part 1 PS5 remake has also been leaked just before today’s show kicks off. Assuming thus video is legitimate, and it looks it, we can expect some graphical and frame rate improvements for what’s considered a stone-cold PlayStation classic game. 

While The Kast of Us has been remastered for PS4, the PS5 version appears to notably improve the visual quality of the game, and likely boost the frame rate significantly as well (here’s hoping for 120 fps gaming). Animations also look smoother, crisper and more detailed too. 

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This could be nothing more than a simple exchange between industry peers, but it’s interesting to see Xbox head Phil Spencer reply to Geoff Keighley about Summer Game Fest. Makes us wonder what Xbox games we’ll see during the show, if any.

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The Last of Us Remake just leaked (by Sony, it seems!). This game will cost $70 and be available only PS5 and PC.

The Last of Us Remake releases on September 2, 2022. No release date was given for the PC release.

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This is a preview of the Summer Game Fest 2022 stage. Fancy! I’m curious to see who else (if anyone) joins Geoff Keighley during the show. I have to assume we’ll see game developers and industry folks pop up at one point or another.

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These are all the sites where you can watch Summer Game Fest 2022. But no matter where you watch the show from, be sure to keep this live blog on a separate window. You wouldn’t want to miss my entertaining banter! 

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These aren’t all the games we’ll see today, but they give us a good idea of what to expect. I personally want to see more of The Callisto Protocol since that game is effectively a spiritual successor to Dead Space. I’m also curious to see Street Fighter 6 in action.

Hey, everyone! I’m Computing Writer Tony Polanco and I’ll be live blogging Summer Game Fest. Since E3 isn’t happening this year, Geoff Keighley’s big summer event can be considered the unofficial version of that legendary show. We expect to see reveals of previously announced games, but there’s a chance we’ll also see brand-new world premieres.

Considering how dry things have been for gaming in 2022, let’s hope Summer Game Fest gives us something to look forward to.

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