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Streets of Rage 4 now available on the Play Store

Remember when we told you in late March that Streets of Rage 4 was coming to Android in May? Of course it was, it was probably the most beautiful day of the year. Or at least it was until today, because Streets of Rage 4 is now out on the Play Store.

The game is a modern sequel to Sega’s gritty classics, and you’ll fight your way through a slew of enemies while trying to make the streets a little less furious.

There are 5 different characters to collect and fight with, as well as retro characters, and a ton of options when it comes to the graphics and sound. Oh, and you can also use a controller if you feel like it. Shall we watch a trailer? Yes, let’s watch a trailer.

Streets of Rage 4 has been out on a number of other platforms for a while and has won a slew of awards in that time. So you know it’s gonna be okay. Or at least very well.

There are 12 stages to battle through and several modes that let you beat things in slightly different ways. The game won’t have multiplayer at launch, but some free DLC is coming in the not-too-distant future.

And, perhaps best of all, it’s a premium game. From now until May 29 you can also pick it up for a 10% discount on the usual price. If you want to give Streets of Rage 4 a try, you can click here to download it directly from play store

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