Starfield’s first gameplay trailer is everything we could have wanted

Starfield received a big showing during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. We’ve seen various pieces of concept art and in-game screenshots in the past. But during Microsoft’s faux-E3 event, we were treated to full-blown in-game footage of what it’s like playing Starfield. If you were expecting The Elder Scrolls and Fallout in space, then you’re going to be pleased by what this latest trailer has to offer.

We saw various gameplay elements, including planetary exploration, shooting mechanics and character customization. You’ll not only be able to set your character’s physical appearance but can also customize their skills and abilities. Customization also extends to other aspects of Starfield, including base-building and ship crafting. This is all due course for Bethesda Softworks-developed games, but it’s still impressive seeing how much you’re able to tailor the experience.

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