Star Trek: Resurgence is exactly what a Star Trek game should be

LOS ANGELES – Star Trek: Resurgence couldn’t have come at a better time. We haven’t had a traditional single-player Star Trek game in nine years, and the new Star Trek shows have been a mixed bag. But Star Trek: Resurgence hearkens back to a time when the franchise was smart, thoughtful and perhaps a little formulaic — comfort food for the weary sci-fi fan. Simply put, it’s the first game in many years that really feels like Star Trek.

I went hands-on with Star Trek: Resurgence at Summer Game Fest. I played through three separate scenes from the game, first taking control of enlisted engineer Carter Diaz, then switching over to first officer Jara Rydek, and back again. The gameplay is as simple as it gets: walking, talking and occasionally pressing buttons. The demo was also quite rough, suffering from multiple bugs and visual glitches, one of which turned the screen entirely black while two characters were talking.

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