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Spiritfarer Mobile launches in Netflix Gaming subscription

Another brilliant game has come to mobile thanks to the Netflix Gaming subscription service. From developer Thunder Lotus, Spiritfarer Mobile is now available to Netflix subscribers worldwide.

Netflix releases Spiritfarer Mobile

Previously only playable on mobile via Xbox Game Pass streaming, now a new Spiritfarer Mobile port is available to play. If you’ve been waiting to play native phone port, now’s your chance!

In the game you play as the Ferrymaster. Your role is to build a boat on which ghosts can arrive on their journey to the afterlife. You will learn about the life of these spirits and help them to cross over to the next world.

Ported by Playdigious, this is another extraordinary mobile port of an indie game. While there are touch controls, you’ll be very excited to learn that there’s native controller support too.

An external controller is probably the best way to play this game. It shouldn’t matter that much though. Plus, Playdigious’s previous work with mobile conversions gives us every confidence that it will have brilliant touch controls.

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A great deal for Netflix gamers

As far as Netflix Gaming’s releases go, Spiritfarer Mobile is definitely one of the most exciting. After Into the Breach, we thought we’d seen the best Netflix had to offer on mobile. However, Spiritfarer’s new harbor is blowing that out of the water.

It seems that Netflix is ​​committed to bringing valuable experiences to mobile. While the company is removing premium versions of games in favor of its subscription versions, we also get more high-quality experiences than ever.

With so many mobile games that are free to play with microtransactions, it is good to play single player games on the phone. Even if they are trapped behind a Netflix subscription. (Bring out paid versions too, Netflix!)

If you want to download Spiritfarer for free, follow this link here!

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