Shark vs Dyson: Which vacuum cleaner is best?

If you’re thinking of investing in a new cordless vacuum cleaner, odds are you’ve asked yourself the question of Shark vs Dyson, which is best? The fact is both brands have a reputation for providing quality products and some of the best vacuum cleaners out there. However, each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses and this is why it can be difficult to choose. Dyson strives to provide the best in tech, while Shark aims to offer a similar performance for half the price. 

To help you decide which would suit your home, we’ve pulled together this guide to break down the differences. We will compare the general performance, design, overall quality and the accessories provided by each brand. On top of this, we will consider the value for money and which would be worthy of your investment. In doing this, we can finally put the question to bed of which is better, Shark vs Dyson.  

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