Sasaki’s And Miyano’s Arrival Sh Harusono’s Manga Series

It’s been divided into eight tanks by volume by the Media Factory. Studio Deen broadcasted an anime

Sasaki’s And Miyano’s Arrival Sh Harusono’s Manga Series

TV series adaption from January to March 2022.


This anime is about boy-on-boy love. This comic is about a modern societal problem: a boy’s love for another boy.

Anime Characters:

Shmei Sasaki is one of the main characters in the anime, and she is voiced by Yusuke Shirai in Japanese and dubbed by Kellen Goff in English.

Yoshikazu Miyano: This character is voiced by Soma Saito in Japanese and dubbed by Joshua Waters in English.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voices Taiga Hirano, who is dubbed in English by Brandon McInnis.

Jir Ogasawara: Yki Ono voices this character in Japanese, and Jonah Scott dubbed him in English.

Yuma Uchida is Masato Hanzawa’s Japanese voice.

Tasuku Kuresawa is voiced by Ryhei Arai, with Kayleigh McKee providing the English dubbing.

Gonsabur Tashiro is a character played by Mitsuhiro Ichiki and dubbed by Y. Chang in English.

Miyano-Related Plot

The first book, which runs February through January, chronicles Miyano’s first year. Miyano stands by

and observes as Kuresawa, a classmate and friend of Miyano’s, and a slew of other kids engage in a brawl that Miyano witnesses.

He’s too scared to intervene, so he calls for aid on his phone, where Sasaki, a second-year student

, steps in to resolve the conflict. Miyano’s first year is covered in the second volume, which runs from February to April, when he starts his second year.

Sasaki keeps lending Miyano his BL comics, which his friend Ogasawara confronts him about. Miyano

is worried that his friends will make fun of Sasaki for reading BL, and he is undecided about his feelings on the subject.

Miyano’s second year, from May to July, is covered in the third volume. Sasaki expresses his

sentiments and how much he admires Miyona in this scene, and then seeks to keep his relationship with Miyona secure.

Miyano’s second year is covered in the fourth volume, which spans July through October. Miyano gets

chosen to represent his class in a cross-dressing competition during the school’s cultural festival.

He is still apprehensive, but he notices that he is less bothered about his girlish appearance.

Sasaki’s realisation of his feelings for his upperclassman appears as he battles his fears and waits patiently for Miyano’s reaction.

Similarly, The plot of this manga revolves around Sasaki and Miyona’s romance.

This story follows their relationship through all of its ups and downs.

Anime Release Schedule For The Season

“Sasaki and Miyona,” one of these anime series, debuted in March 2022, with a second season expected in 2023.


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