Samsung’s QD-OLED TV is at its lowest price ever — this is better than Black Friday

We’re bound to see plenty of great Black Friday TV deals from now until the end of the year, but the one happening right now on the Samsung S95B OLED TV is really something special.

Right now you can get $600 off the Samsung S95B on Amazon (opens in new tab) for the 55-inch version of the QD-OLED, bringing it down from $2,197 to $1,697. 

For a TV that’s only six months old, that’s a great price — and the lowest we’ve yet to see according to the shopper-savvy website CamelCamelCamel (opens in new tab).

The Samsung S95B is currently holding a spot on our list of the best TVs of 2022 as well as the best OLED TVs because of its innovative new QD-OLED panel. 

What makes it special? Well, as you’ll see in our Samsung S95B review, this QD-OLED combines OLED with quantum dots, resulting in a TV that promises the best of both technologies: superior color, brightness, and contrast in a single package. 

As we note in the review, the black levels aren’t quite as good as other OLED TVs like, say, the LG C2 OLED or LG G2 OLED, but the Samsung S95B offers top-tier picture quality, surprisingly good sound, terrific gaming capabilities and an eye-catching design all for $600 less than what it cost six months ago.

Check out our Black Friday deals hub for other great early sales you can get now. 

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