Samsung Galaxy S22 just got big camera upgrades — here are the new features

The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup has some pretty impressive cameras. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is currently one of our best camera phones. Still, we’ve found that Samsung’s cameras lag a bit behind the offerings from Apple and Google.

Samsung (opens in new tab) is looking to change that with its latest announcement. Today it is rolling out updates to both its Expert RAW app and a brand new Camera Assistant app to ensure users get professional-looking shots every time — even when looking at the night sky.  


(Image credit: Samsung)

The biggest headline is a new Astrophoto feature in the Expert RAW app called Sky Guide. This new feature guides users to specific constellations or other points in the night sky to take photos to rival the Webb Telescope (okay, that may be hyperbole). Once guided to the right spot, the app will use AI and multi-frame processing technology to snap several photos over a set period and then combine them into one beautiful shot.

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