Samsung Galaxy S22 FE — early rumors and what we want to see

The Galaxy S21 FE came out in January 2022, but you can bet that Samsung is already working on the successor — if there is one. We would expect that the Galaxy S22 FE won’t arrive until later this year or early next year, though we’ve already heard some rumors about what Samsung could be working on (and other rumors that suggest the FE may not see a successor)

Even if the Galaxy S22 FE isn’t appearing any time soon, there are several things we hope Samsung fixes with that release. The Galaxy S21 FE was far from perfect and, in light of the $799 Galaxy S22 debuting in February, somewhat obsolete a month after it came out. Next to the S22, which is only $100 more, the S21 FE is a bit of an odd duck.

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