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RPG Maker Unite makes it easier to port thousands of games to mobile

RPG Maker has been used to create thousands of games over the past decade. However, not many have been ported to Android. In a surprising new update, RPG Maker Unite will bring forth a new generation of mobile ports.

Transferring with RPG Maker Unite

A new version of the video game engine, RPG Maker Unite, will make it easier to transfer games created to Android. Developed RPG Maker games can now be easily converted to mobile platforms, giving portable gamers access to even more titles.

Through PocketTactics, this new software is designed to make everything easier. Even if a developer wants to create a game from scratch from scratch, they can create faster than ever before.

In the new engine, characters can be created from scratch in minutes. In addition, the developers have made it much easier to create unique assets in the engine itself, rather than relying on other programs.

However, it is the RPG Maker Unite smartphone export tool that is the most exciting for us. Games created in previous versions of the engine can be put back into Unite for porting directly to mobile.

Of course, this won’t be as simple as pressing a “port to Android” button. More complex games will likely require some additional tweaking to become playable on Android. Nevertheless, this new engine will make it easier for everyone to make games on mobile.

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The end of Joi Play?

RPG Maker games that are not supported on Android have been technically playable on the platform for a while now. Using a translation layer called Joi Player you can play some – but not all – games.

Despite the fact that RPG Maker Unite will make it easier to bring games to mobile, not all games will be ported. With this in mind, Joi Play is still an integral part of enjoying these games on mobile.

Nevertheless, we hope that developers of games on the engine will bring them to Android. Are we finally getting an Android from To The Moon?

What do you think of this development? Are there any games you want to bring to Android? Tell us in the comments below.

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