Rollerdrome on PS5 is a playable 80s movie — and you can try it now

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The new action arcade game Rollerdrome may be about to earn some well-deserved attention. The last few months have seen a real drought of major video game releases. While this has frustrated some gamers, the lack of big-budget games has allowed smaller titles a chance to enjoy the spotlight. Case in point: last month Stray took over social media. Now, there’s Rollerdrome.

Launched earlier this week (Aug. 16) for the PS5, PS4 and PC, Rollerdrome is a frenetic and highly engaging experience. What the title lacks in narrative depth, it makes up for with consistently compelling gameplay and a simple-but-stylish aesthetic. The game’s focus on playing the same levels over and over to earn the highest score possible is also sure to appeal to gamers of a certain age. 

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