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Roguelite Shooter 20 Minutes Till Dawn is coming to Android this year

There are many games like 20 Minutes Till Dawn on mobile right now. Games where you shoot huge waves of enemies while improving your skills and just trying to survive. Not that that’s a bad thing, as most of them are a lot of fun.

20 Minutes Till Dawn pits you against monstrous creatures bent on devouring your flesh. You have several characters and weapons to choose from, each with its own unique skills, pros and cons.

And as you slaughter, you unlock new moves. There are different options every time you play, meaning no two runs will ever be the same. Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

The game definitely has a look all its own, and judging by that trailer, it’s bound to contain some sanity as well. We don’t have a release date or price yet, but we do have some news about it.

And that is it is for pre-registration. If you want pre-order 20 Minutes Till Dawn from Play Store, you can do it by clicking here† We’ll let you know if we hear anything about the game between now and release.

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